Five Reasons to Take an Internship in a New City

As someone who has personally held an internship position in a city besides my college town and hometown, it was the best decision I’ve made in college and the best experience I’ve had in my life thus far. Whether it’s across the sea or across the country, holding an internship in a new city has many benefits!

1. It allows you to step outside of your comfort zone by leaving the places you’re used to.

Accepting an internship position in a different city throws you into the real world sooner rather than later. Holding a job in a city that you know well is

very comfortable and might be for some homebodies, but if you’re an extrovert and love exploring new places, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the real world before you even graduate from college. For me, moving to Nashville at 21 years old helped me realized that I don’t want to stay in the cities I know well after college. It helped me realize that I want to get out and experience new cities and new people.

2. It indicates to potential employers that you are open to relocation and can easily adapt to moving.


If you find out your dream job across the country is hiring, chances are that your potential employer will love that you’ve already had job experience away from home so they’ll know you’re willing and ready to give it your all away from your comfort zone.

“I grew up in Tampa and have lived there my whole life. Despite being so far from home, my bosses thought I adapted so well to life in Maryland that they invited me back to intern again next summer,” Taylor Marek says of interning for Johns Hopkins in Maryland.


3. You get to learn about the city’s culture.

Let’s be honest, the most exciting part of interning somewhere new is exploring your new city. Walking around the town with new friends, scoping out the best places to eat (my personal favorite), and attending local sporting events are all great ways to adapt to your new city and get the full experience. Adapting to the nature of a new city might show you that you love it or you’re not so into it. Moving from hot to cold, beach to suburbs, or a city to the middle of nowhere, you might realize that you’ve fallen in love with everything your new city has to offer because of the location and people you meet.


4. It’s a great way to network with people and companies all over the world.

Not only does holding an internship position in a different city already give you exposure to that city, it gives you the potential to network with other cities. Dylan Hall, a senior political science major at Auburn originally from Nashville, TN, held an internship working with Senator Lamar Alexander in Washington

D.C. this summer. “I think the best experience that I gained during my internship was networking. While we certainly learned the routine of the Senate and researched on many projects, the people I met and the connections I made while working in D.C. are what will best prepare me for life after college,” says Hall.

Think about it this way, if you’re successful in whatever city you intern in and your employers talk highly of you to employers in different cities, you’re open for more opportunities!


5. You meet lifelong friends.

Chances are that if you end up in a city you’ve never lived in, your roommates and co-workers will be strangers. I met my roommates online and we instantly became best friends and still talk on a pretty much daily basis. Going out on the town with co-workers is a great way to meet new people and experience new adventures in your new city.

Like Dylan and me, you might fall in love with the city you intern in and know that’s where you want to end up after college. “I still talk with the people I worked with weekly,” says Hall. Hall also says he plans to head back to D.C. after graduation and start his career there.

(Photo, right, of my coworkers and me working an event at the 21 C hotel in Nashville)


If you’re interested in looking into potential internship opportunities, your school and advisors are always happy to help with your options.

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